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If you are planning to go on a hike, it is important that you know the best way to pack your backpack. Not only will a properly packed and organised backpack be easier to carry, but it will also help you to find the things you need in it when you need it. Never just throw things in at whim, if a backpack is not properly packed, you will regret it later with a sore back. 1. Choose a high quality backpack. Picking the right backpack is an important part of any trip. When shopping for a pack, there are four major...

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Long exposure to winter months can cause extreme damage to the body, even death. Exposure to low temperatures, especially during snowy months, can lead to hypothermia, frostbites, and other various cold-related body and health problems. You want to make sure that you avoid this at all costs. Not doing so can cause you to lose body parts and your life. Remember, if you find yourself out in the cold with no idea of where you are, your priorities are as follows: • Shelter     • Warmth• Water• Food                        ...

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When you are cycling, it’s always important to have the right items and gears with you. In fact, you'll never know what you might need so it’s crucial to be prepared properly. Here is a list of the best tools that you need to have alongside with you when embarking on a cycling trip. Bag BalmThis is a very good gel that was created specifically to make the cow udders softer. It’s filled with lanolin so applying even a small amount to the necessary areas will allow you to lower friction and handle the saddle sores in a more efficient...

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Angling is one method of fishing in which most people enjoy. This method requires an angler to know and have the basic fishing tackle within his/her box. Such fishing equipment includes bobbers, leaders, hooks sinkers, swivels, weights, baits as well as excess fishing line. These are the tackle box essentials, in which you should never forget when heading out on a particular fishing trip. In relation to this, your tackle box is made not just to carry the items you put in the water in catching fish. Instead, about half of your box must include items that have nothing to...

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If you are thinking about going camping for the first time, then you would certainly want to make sure that you have plenty of gears ready. This is easier said than done, especially when you have never been camping before. That's why we've compiled this guide for you, so you can learn everything you need to know and in half the time!1. LightingBeing in the dark isn't fun. Although campfires are lovely, don't rely on it as your source of lighting. There is a wide range of lighting options out there (LED, gas, dual fuel, battery operated and solar-powered). Choose...

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