What to Bring on Your Cycling Trip

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What to Bring on Your Cycling Trip

When you are cycling, it’s always important to have the right items and gears with you. In fact, you'll never know what you might need so it’s crucial to be prepared properly. Here is a list of the best tools that you need to have alongside with you when embarking on a cycling trip.

Bag Balm
This is a very good gel that was created specifically to make the cow udders softer. It’s filled with lanolin so applying even a small amount to the necessary areas will allow you to lower friction and handle the saddle sores in a more efficient manner.

A Comfortable Sleeping Pad
Sleeping pads are nice because they offer you the ability to rest comfortably while on the road. It’s also a nice way to boost your energy level since you won’t have to spend your time aimlessly during the night.

Flat Repair Kit
Let’s face it, a flat tire is by far the most common unexpected mechanical problem that completely disables a bicycle. Out on the road or trail you’ll mostly be repairing the occasional flat tire because it’s hard to avoid every piece of glass, and those rocks and potholes out on the trails. So, it’s smart to be prepared and have this kit handy so that you'll never get stranded and have to walk home.

Saddle Bags
When you are out biking, it can be very hard to store stuffs so this bag can really help you. Inside it you can place a lip balm, sunscreen, multi-tools or even a snack. It’s well worth investing in one, we can guarantee that!

Comforts of Home
If you plan on long distance biking, you should bring some stuff that reminds you of home. Some of us want a thermos with hot water and tea, or an iPod. Whatever makes you feel you're "home away from home", add it in here!

It can get cold at times so if you can and already own one, do try to bring a scarf. It can can be used as a light head cover when it is cold, and mouth and nose cover for dusts. It’s a very good investment and one that will definitely pay off in the long run.

You have to be happy and enjoy the ride, so whatever form of entertainment you can carry, just get it. A book, cards and crib board or maybe some music, whatever makes you happy should be included for sure.

Rain Gears
Obviously rain is a major issue and because of that you have to get a rainwear to keep you dry. Nothing is worse than being on your bike while raining, as water can soak in and you get wet, you can be sure that illness will follow. 

Bright Colors
Since you will be on the road most of the time and cars will come and go, it’s a good idea to have some bright colors on busy streets and roadways. This will showcase your presence a lot easier and the results will be better. Aside from bright-colored clothes, a bright flag or sign hanging from the rear pannier might actually save your life.

Bike Locks
Bike locks are great since they offer you the protection you need when your bike is out of your sight. There are plenty of locks available in the market. But leaving aside all the very cheap locks that are basically useless, there are six different types of locks: cable and coil cable locks, U-locks, foldable locks, reinforced/armored cable locks and frame locks. Just make sure that you have some high quality cables and locks to protect your bike.

Calories to Get You Going
What you eat makes a big difference to your performance. Some foods filled with calories are great to have as well because they can definitely boost your energy level which you need when you ride. Correct food intake will help you pedal faster, recover at a faster rate, and most importantly, it will help you to make it up those steep climbs.

Extra Footwear
It’s always ideal to have a change of clothes with you and the same happens with footwear. The more the better it will be! So you should acquire some extra footwear just in case.

And these are the best things to keep with you when you are taking your bike on the road. With these, you will have the opportunity to better protect yourself against weather, pains or anything you might encounter. Cycling is fun, but with these great items it will be even better!

If you have other suggestions and tips in mind, add it up on the comments section below. Don't forget to share!


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