How to Survive Winter Camping

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How to Survive Winter Camping

Long exposure to winter months can cause extreme damage to the body, even death. Exposure to low temperatures, especially during snowy months, can lead to hypothermia, frostbites, and other various cold-related body and health problems. You want to make sure that you avoid this at all costs. Not doing so can cause you to lose body parts and your life. Remember, if you find yourself out in the cold with no idea of where you are, your priorities are as follows:

• Shelter     
• Warmth
• Water
• Food                                                                                                        

This is the same regardless of months, but the extreme temperatures leave you in an urgent situation. Any time you find yourself faced with deadly circumstances, where the environment and temperature can cause a great deal of harm, you have to find a safe place immediately. During cold weather, shelter and warmth limit the risks of hypothermia and frostbites, two of the biggest risks with extended exposure to these temperatures. Water and food are basic necessities. With food, keep in mind that you will need more calories in lower temperatures. Winter CampingTake care of your body before something goes wrong.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            At some point, though, you may find the temperatures get the better of you. This is a scary situation, but manageable if you know what to look for and what to do. When it comes to frostbites, look at the condition of the affected area. With fingers being high-risk for frostbites, that is the most likely place to see it occur first. If your fingers are numb, then frostbite is underway. In this situation, you want to act immediately. While there is no saying how long it will take for frostbite to worsen, as the time changes based on individual situations, you will not want to wait until it worsens. It is only reversible when the skin is still only numb or tingly, where there is only a slight loss of sensation. Once it becomes white and waxy, and there is no sensation, you have irreversible damage.

To avoid such damage, start warming up the affect area immediately. Putting your hands under your armpits or between your legs will provide body warmth, an effective way to warm up the hands. You can also use warm water. If you choose the warm water route, then make sure that the water is not too hot as that may interact badly with any frozen bits in the muscles and it may cause damage.

Be smart and prepared out there. Do not venture out into the cold weather without being ready. Also, don't let the winter season keep you from camping. Whether gliding through a glade of maple trees on cross-country skis, hiking up a ridge on snowshoes, or ice climbing, winter can be a spectacular time of year. Do you agree? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 


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